Website to find donors for Plasma Therapy in Pakistan

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With the surge in Covid-19 cases, a significant number of patients are those who recovered after plasma therapy. Plasma Therapy is proven effective in treating critical patients who are on ventilators.

More than 105000 cases of coronavirus disease are reported so far in Pakistan. Considering the fragile health system of Pakistan, it is a massive figure as all hospitals are chocked. For the first time, a website is launched to find donors for Plasma Therapy in Pakistan.

Yesterday TV Anchor Iqrar Ul Hassan Syed, A Provincial Lawmaker from Sindh and TV Anchor Waseem Badami tweeted about the situation of the Health System in Karachi. Moreover, it is gloomy to know that all the hospitals are filled and there were no beds available for the patients in Karachi.

Plasma Therapy is effective in treating critical coronavirus patients. In this therapy, Blood Plasma of Corona Virus recovered patient is injected to the critically ill patient under a Doctors supervision. This is not recommended the best treatment but it is effective in a significant number of cases.

Actor Faisal Qureshi announced the launch of a Website to find plasma donors for the treatment of critically ill patients. The Website has a simple interface that allows users to register themselves as patients, as donors, and as receivers. Therefore, if you know someone who is ill or recovered, urge them to use this Website by clicking here.

By: Syed Umaer Anwer

The Writer is a CSS Qualifier but not allocated in any service group. He is an Agriculture graduate and Banker (of course) who has a grip on international relations, governance, and Public policy studies. Instagram @omayrgillany

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