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Movie Review : 122

Movie name: 122. My rating: 3.1/5 (7.3/10 on IMDb). Genre : Thriller , Horror. The Egyptian thriller story was released in 2019 and 1st Egyptian movie to used 4DX technology. Moreover first Arabic movie to release in Pakistan in cinemas. The movie is directorial venture of Yasir Al Yasiri, who previously mastered the Arabic cinema with his works like On Borrowed Time (2018) and Murk Light (2012) and known as one most finest director, writer and producer of Arab world. Salah El Gehiny who in the past affiliated as writer some of most ambitious projects like The Cell or Sons of Rizk and it’s sequels, serves on this movie as both writer and producer and all I can say done both jobs miraculously amazing. Story starts off as a simple but committed love affair between Omneya and...