Thursday, May 13

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DARK Season 3 Review

Dark Season 3 (Finale) has been released last week on Netflix. So finally the final season the most awaited science fiction series maybe ever had arrived last week but I just binge-watched this finale and as I was expecting it was a mind-bending plus incredible and satisfying ending. The best thing about this series that creators did not stretch the season into 10-12 series long which simply makes audiences bore and make it dull to watch. Though this season has potential and enough twists to get to 12 seasons but creators seizes the moment and finished the season on a high note. “Genius is one who knows when to quit.” This saying perfectly matches the creator and vision of this epic season and more than an epic finale. So the final season starts with a man with a disfigured upper li...
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Dark TV Series Review

Dark is a TV Series you cant dare to miss. Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller. Rating : 9.4/10 (Highly Recommended). Ever since I got myself engaged with the entertainment industryand this unlimited universe of tales and stories, I often compelled towards distinctive stories set against physical phenomenon of nature. In other worlds that made you question “what if?” A world with endless possibilities and opportunities, manners free from time and space, stories intrigued in the essence of uniqueness outcomes. Inception, Interstellar, Source Code, Prince of Persia, Doctor Who, Forever are some prime examples of piece of arts that I love. One of these topics is time travel, yes you heard it right. The time the most unique and important creation ever, no one really knows its importance...