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Create your own Diet Pattern by Calorie Insights

What is the Difference between Calorie Surplus and Calorie Deficit: Your first step when creating a diet pattern for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance is to figure out how many calories you are taking in. It never depends upon the amount of food you are consuming but upon the number of calories. These two are totally different parameters. Example: -Cucumber:16 Cal per 100 gm. -Watermelon:30 Cal per 100 gm. -1 Fried Chicken Zinger Burger:480 Cal(may differ). Cucumber and watermelon are considered one of the beat calorie deficit food. Let’s see what does means my Calorie Surplus and Calorie Deficit. Calorie Surplus: A caloric surplus is when the number of calories that we consume is higher than the number of calories we burn. In a caloric surplus, our body mass incre...