Self Management Guide During Pandemic

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Due to global pandemic of Corona Virus, Self management is a subject everyone needs to know. Our routines has changed, our lifestyle and culture has changed and so that our traditions. Self Management during pandemic is the need of the time. Here is our ultimate guide on this:

Amid Global Crisis due to pandemic, lock downs were imposed in most part of the world especially in Europe, Australia and the United States of America were the countries where effective lock downs were imposed. The worlds biggest lock down was imposed in India. Educational Institutes were closed and workplaces were also restricted in these testing times. As many as tens of thousands of people were turned out to be unemployed. Depression , Anxiety and Abuse are on the rise. Activities were restricted and events were at halt so that millions of people are struggling to earn a livelihood. In these harsh times, through this self management guide during pandemic, we tried to answer your questions.

Emotional Management

First and foremost important is emotional management, you are not alone in this pandemic just think about others and stay thankful. You doesn’t always need to look up sometimes its better to look down on others who are not doing well in these times.

  • Family Time:

Many considered this pandemic as a break and a good recreation with family, although at home. There is no better place than home in this entire world as far comfort is concerned.

Spend some long awaited family reunion time with your family. Crack Jokes, Cook or Bake together and relive old memories may be you will love to watch old videos and pictures of your family. For amazing recipes, Movie Reviews and Book Reviews Click Here

Play board games, and other games which can be managed in your backyard with your kids and family.Enjoy these moments and stay away from negativity.

  • Yoga :

Believe or not, yoga can be proved as a new lifeblood for you apart from your rusty 9-5 routine. A good session of Yoga or breathing exercises can help you to detoxify your thought process.

Yoga at Home

  • Start your long planned business/work:

Most of us, plan a lot about startup business and to be more precisely we spend nights on thinking to build our own empire and all that. This is your golden chance to start your business, as there are many new opportunities and business lines are available right now which were no where before. Start Right Now!

  • Start your hobby again:

What you like to do in your leisure time, of course we all had a hobby. This pandemic has provided us the opportunity to restart our forgotten hobby for another time.

kitchen gardening at home

Physical Management

Physical Management is an important aspect of Self management. A Sound body has a sound mind, is a saying and a true saying indeed. This is the golden opportunity to work on your physical health and fitness. There is a lot of time and space available which were never available before. Obviously we are not advocating about going to fancy gyms and etc. But this time around, you can watch and learn basic body weigh and home workouts form video sharing platforms and start your own training even in your home.

Time Management:

How to spend time in these isolation etc, is the common question. What about raising a small kitchen garden for organic and fresh supplies to your kitchen? What about raising some chicken and growing some mushrooms in a unused corner of your house.

Reading books can be even better option and this is the high time to nurture your spiritual bonding with the God. Things will never remain the same and this time shall pass, having a belief in God is the only option .

A good friends get together can be arranged at your own home but using your smartphone through video call.

Financial Management:

Finances are important to maintain most of the things discussed earlier. So in case you lose your job, start your home business like supplying home cooked food to the nearby areas. If you have some savings for a rainy day this is the time to utilize them efficiently. Online Shopping or some branded sales will stay here all that is important is survival. So be efficient financial planners and spend wisely.

By: Syed Umaer Anwer

The Writer is a CSS Qualifier but not allocated in any service group. He is an Agriculture graduate and Banker (of course) who has interests in international relations, governance, and Public policy studies. Instagram @omayrgillany



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