Personal Chocolate Brownie Recepie

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The Chocolate Brownie recipe is easy and simple with minimum use of equipment and ingredient and yes it is great in taste.

Perfect for your after-meal cravings.¬† Enjoy ūüôā



Flour (Maida)                        :    1 Tablespoon

Sugar (powdered)                 :    3 Tablespoon

Egg (at room temperature) :    1 Whole

Cocoa Powder                        :    2 Tablespoons

Vegetable Cooking Oil         :     3 Tablespoons

Crave Cooking Chocolate    :     Crushed 3 Tablespoons (optional)



1: Mix Flour, Sugar, and Coco powder in a mixing bowl.

2: Add one whole egg and 3 Tablespoons of Oil.

3: Mix Well till the ingredients combine well and make a smooth paste.

4: Grease a microwave-safe glass dish/plate with oil.

5: Pour the mixed batter in the dish. and add crave cooking chocolate crushed on it.

6: Microwave it for 1 minute and 30 seconds and check if it is done by inserting a toothpick in it.

7: If needed, place in microwave for another 30 seconds. Enjoy

Preperation Time : 7-10 Minutes

Cooking Time       :  2 Minutes

Servings                 : 1-2


Recipe by: Midhat (The Writer is a housewife, mother of a daughter and a self taught Chef)

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