My Fitness Pal App Review

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We often tend towards consuming extra calories due to time to time cravings. While this difficult to watch and count for the calories according to your requirement. My Fitness Pal App is an easy to use Mobile App Which helps its user to track and count his/her calorie intake as per food intake.

My Fitness Pal Mobile App is available on both Google Play Store as well as on iOS App Store. You can download it and use it according to food intake to count your daily intake according to your fitness goal.

With a free account of My Fitness App, you can get amazing features if you are looking for maintaining weight after a weight loss program. There are times when one really lost control on calories count, and it destroys your fitness goal altogether. My Fitness Pal App allows to count calories, activity, weight, food intake and few other metrics. It also allow users to adjust their goals according to their wish.

Weight loss and weight gain are both difficult in its own way, the struggle is somehow same. All the math it require according to your goal will be done by My Fitness Pal App. No Doubt it is the best calories counting application available on the app stores. It connects its user to the largest data base of food from which you can choose the food you have been eating in your fitness journey to achieve your goal.

My Fitness Pal App

Pros of My Fitness Pal  App:

  • It gives the best food data base available on internet.
  • User can choose the consumption in a great variety i.e. if you’re consuming Salad and eating salad dressed in olive oil dressing on the other day you can choose as per your consumption as their calorie count will be different.
  • The best thing is that you can choose whole variety of  Indian Food, Pakistani Food or Desi Food as per your liking. If you are a fitness conscious person, living in South Asia, you can count your calorie intake as per local food options.
  • It provides flexible input control and is compatible with Many Other apps.

Cons of My Fitness Pal App:

  • Additional Content is not very appealing and sometimes a waste of time.

The Bottom Line:

My Fitness Pal App is one of the best app on calories counting and amazingly is free to use. It is not a weigh losing app in itself but it can be beneficial to use.

Android Users can download it from here

Apple Users can Download it from here


Review by: Nazeef Ahmad  (The Writer is a free lancer video editor and a blogger)


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