Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review

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We are reviewing Pakistani TV Dramas on request. Zahid Ahmad, Mansha Pasha and Sonya Hussain Starrer Drama Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review is live. The First Episode of Hum TV Drama Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida was aired on Hum TV on 17th June, 8:00 PM PST.

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review is hard to write because as I was watching the drama I was busy in finding Why Sonya Hussain Acted so overly.

The Drama starts When Ulfat aka Sonya Hussain who is struggling with his daily routine problems in his house. First few minutes it was all Ulfat daily routine and no other chrachter as such was introduced by the Director. Ulfat is a middle class housewife who is extra ambitious yet annoyingly bubbly. All of her First few sequences were more than just a over melodrama which she showed while performing day to day house chores.

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida

As the Drama Progresses, Another Chrachter was introduced named Shahan played by ever talented Zahid Ahmad who has played “Sameera and Sameer” in Ishq Zahey Naseeb amazingly well. Shahan is a typical mature sensible and realistic husband. Shahan goes to gate to receive a Prize Bond Draw List which was ordered by his wife Ulfat who was almost sure of get her bond number in lucky draw list. The Cool husband tried (however it was a failed attempt) to pacify her wife and to drag her back to real world.

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida

After this scene the whole Prize Bond Song was taken up to the infinite level by the annoyingly bubbly Ulfat and her dreams. Her each and every movement shows desperation, might be it was the demand by the director but Sony Hussain AS Ulfat has taken this too far. The whole prize bond saga just showed immaturity of Ulfat and nothing else.

Courtesy : HUM TV

As in next few scenes, Ulfat Aka Sonya Hussain and her Mother in Law (played by Sajida Syed) were seen talking on Ulfat’s Dreams of becoming Rich. Right after that Ulfat’s friend (equally annoying) were seen condoling (not really) with her on not getting her name in Lucky Draw List. The Only thing was established so far that Ulfat is desperate to become rich by hook or by crook in the very first episode of the Serial. 😀

Shahan aka Zahid Ahmad somewhat reminded us about his character of Sameer in Ishq Zahey Naseeb requested his friend for his wallet because he have to go on a dinner with his wife Ulfat. The friend who is apparently so rich or he has no family to feed, gave his wallet to Shahan.

Zahid Ahmad Drove his motorcycle with his wife to experience (not so) fine dining in a MEHNGA Restaurant, Where Ulfat destroys all the romance which was in the air (as we believe) by ordering Daal Makhni. Furthermore, she never forgets to remind the audiance about how poor her is and how Sanskaari she can be by paying the food bill as Rajjo Khala Ki Committee. She clicked some mandatroy Cringy Selfie with his decent Husband Shahan (Zahid Ahmad) just as a proof that she somehow managed to land in this MEHNGA Restaurant.

Muhbbat tujhe alvida

Well After that (not so romantic) Dinner at restaurant, the couple reached home with Packed Daal, which was refused to eat by their Kid. Zahid Ahmad aka Shahan, being extra smart had already ordered a Pizza which traumatized Ulfat at a bit, that she ruined yet another beautiful family moment. After a short logical argument by Zahid Ahmad, there was a short serious discussion between the couple over a cup of tea (may be Zahid Ahmad required a break from Sonya Hussain’s Acting (over)).

Javed Sheikh was waiting since long for his foreign return Daughter Shafaq. When I was anticipating entry of any sane character in the form of Mansha Pasha as Shafaq, OMG she instead of hugging and greeting to her father, she found it more important to fire two employees working at her home. Don’t know what the director and writer were up to over this.

But Our Cool, and logical Shahan will be definitely waiting for the new boss. Don’t know if he recognize his bosses cars or not but what an entry he just made before his new boss. He was than engaged over a short argument with his long awaited new boss. Upon realizing, he went to see his new boss and offered his resignation. Before her boss (Mansha Pasha) figure it out what he actually want, he spoke his heart out and left office. There was a crowd waiting for him to come out , as he appeared they all were curious. He spoke some lies and the boss came out with her deadly smile. This is all about first episode of Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida.

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Reviewed by : Arooj Fatima (The Writer is a staff member and a critic)

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