Weekend Watch: Movie Review ” A Brighter Summer Day”

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The Movie was released in 1991 and belonged to the coming-of-age genre, Edward Yang (the director of this film) showcases some important aspects of student and human life in this 237 minutes long epic saga.

The picture superscribes numerous mankind themed issues such as the essential need for guidance. It’s search in midst of adolescence, the dreadfulness of communal distancing, the deprivation of being a parent (in any era), aimless life, wild teenage be wilderness the hardships of creating a self-identity and frustrations when one finds oneself following the same path that one once disgusts. The director also discusses the major impact of western culture on Taiwan and it’s evolution. As the title of the movie itself deprived of lyrics of the song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” by Elvis Presley.

The story revolves around Si’r , a junior high student transferred to night school. And how he stuck in the midst of boyhood, school-life, social-image, personal-life, love-life, and politics of youth. The story further explores many hidden aspects of society with the impacts of these issues of life of youth. Could someone destroy oneself? Could Love be the name of hate in disguise? Could someone save own self from self-destruction? Would someone love someone to kill or die for it? For these questions, you have to see this incredible piece of art.

Chang Chan was only 16 when he was cast in this movie and maybe his best performance to date. Elaine Jin played role Si’r’s mother is also a highlight and breakthrough performance by cast and crew.

A Masterpiece:

Edward Yang also directed Yi-Yi and Mahjong. Also, both of those movies were internationally acclaimed and won many prizes in an overseas territory, but A Brighter Summer Day is regarded as the best work by the director. It was labeled by most as a “masterpiece” of modern-day cinema. It is the pure magic of director and actors that in 237 minutes you’ll not get bored for a single second. Moreover, the story connects with you on some higher level and sucks you right in it’s fictionalized atmosphere merely seconds into the movie. According to me, this one is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a good time, great story, or just want to relive their school-life/first loves.

Rating Stars: 4/5

Verdict         : A must Watch


Review By: Asad Iqbal

Hello everyone, they say a good movie (on any piece of art) could easily make life less boring. I can help you to give suggestions on some good stories to watch and make this time more memorable. Stay tuned

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