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If you are a fan of space-time genre, I bring you yet another masterpiece, known as The Planet of the Apes. I know what you are thinking, the name does not align with the genre but bear with me for a while. Especially, if you enjoyed watching the recent blockbusters, such as The Interstellar or Martian. this movie is a must on your watch list.

The film features a totally opposite Earth-like planet where humans are dumb, unable to talk, primitive while apes/chimps have evolved into an advanced civilization. Basically, there are thousands of year time shift at least 3 times in the whole series. The protagonists of the movie are the two intelligent talking apes, named Cornelius and Zira. The film depicts that apes are not only educated but also working as professionals like doctors or researchers and experimenting on humans!

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Each part of the movie ends with a dramatic scene with lots of suspicions to ponder over. For instance, in the first part, two astronauts were seen to crash land on an empty terrain where no one lives apparently. However, in the end, the upper half of the statue of liberty was shown near seashore!

planet of the apes

To make things more interesting, each sequel also starts with something more sinister. That you have to think about what happened and how did they get there? It’s like two or three stories going on simultaneously into a single movie. Just watch the first part and I bet that you will end up binge-watching all of it.

Hard Facts:

Now lets’ look at the hard facts. The series is divided into 5 complete parts, each having a run time of 2 hours approx. The first part aired in 1968 and the fifth in 1974. The franchise is based on French author Pierre Boulle‘s 1963 novel La Planète des signed. Though the picture quality and effects can not be compared with the modern era dynamics, the storyline is indeed remarkable.

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