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We worked a lot to select movies for you to make your weekend well spent. This time we have a recommendation for you in the form of Movie Review Palm Springs, Enjoy the Review :

Rating: 8.7/10.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Science-fiction.

Palm Springs Movie is a classic one. As you all know that I am obsessed with time travels and loops this weekend I was being blessed with another interesting story with my dearest topic to discuss with you all. Being a hopeless romantic the love angel fascinates me to great extents as well.

movie review palm springs

Without further ado get right into it telling you some captivating aspects about this flick so you can also make up your minds to witness this witty rom-com once and for all.

Max Barbakow directs an amazing movie with some characters hard to forget and Music by Matthew Compton was also an exceptional one. This movie was directing release on OTT platform Hulu on the 10th of July immediately finding critical praises from critics and audiences as well. After scoring 93% on rotten tomatoes since its debut on the OTT platform it made movie viewers attract some great fans from all around the world.

movie review palm springs

The main lead played by Andy Samberg and Cristin Miloti portrays the character of Nyles and Sarah respectively so flawlessly and their chemistry is so natural that for a moment you forget that it is a movie or these were just fictional characters.

So the story starts with the wedding of Tala and Abe set in the magical desserts of palm spring, Tala is the younger sister of Sarah the maid of honor at the wedding. As strangers, Sarah meets with Niles who saves her from the speech which she didn’t prepare as maid of honors. Both being exhausted by wedding and fake smiles they both leave to explore the mystical nights of desserts suddenly Nyles being chased by a man with bow and arrow dressed as commando leaving Sarah flabbergasted.

Niles shot in the back by the arrow moves towards the light in the cave Sarah follows her into the light only to wake up to the earlier morning of the wedding day. Soon she came to know that she is now stuck in an endless time loop that resets itself if one sleeps or dies in the given circumstances.

November 9 is a never-ending day for both of them and also for Roy (the man chasing Niles with bow and arrow). Roy was one the guest with whom Niles partied on night and Roy said to him that he doesn’t want this day to end, so Niles took Roy to cave fulfilling his wish.

movie review palm spring

But in that loop, Roy killed Niles for not proper instruction for him for the mess Nyles dragged him into. After failing attempts to exit the loophole like killing herself many times or to leaves the Texas border etc, Sarah came to peace with the point that she is stuck there so quit whining about the never-ending loop she starts to embrace it as an opportunity to try every she always wanted without the fear of death or getting caught. Sarah with his loop friend Niles try to live life endlessly to a point where Sarah starts to fall for Niles while Niles being a carefree independent person doesn’t notice or care about it.

movie review

This leaves Sarah devastating and leaves the premises leaving Niles confused and hurt he also has the same feeling but doesn’t want to confront it. After endlessly finding Sarah one morning Nyles woke up next to her revealing all secrets to each other and Sarah is exploring the possibilities to exit this glitch once and for all. Niles wants to be in that loop with her through all eternity and the couple departs one last time but as the midnight approaches Niles came to senses and doesn’t want to live in a world with everything but Sarah. They kiss and follows the plan of Sarah of leaving the box with the bang.

The movie fun to watch and extremely soothing throughout 91 minutes of its running time and in my opinion one should not miss this gem filled with some incredible, charming, memorable, and hilarious moments.

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Review By: Asad Iqbal

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