Movie Review : Jojo Rabbit

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Brought you another masterpiece to watch this weekend “Jojo Rabbit”

Rating : 9.1/10.

After directing Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Taika Waititihelmed as a unique kind of director.Once again, he gave us another remarkable story and an overwhelming cinematic experience that should be seen by each and every one. Based on ‘Caging Skies’ by Christine Leunens, this outclass flick won an academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

There are some movies for which you personally wish to never end or at least last a little longer; as you get fixated with story, characters and the world where story was being settled in. There will definitely be an incredible feeling in your stomach after watching it.

jojo rabbit

Plot is about a ten year innocent boy in the titular role of “Jojo Rabbit” who was highly inspired by Nazi ideology and Hitler’s doctrine about Jewish people. The story set in late phase of World War II further illuminates that how the protagonist got his nickname (of “Jojo Rabbit”) and how he cope with the scenario where his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic.

After interaction with a girl from a group that he always considered a threat, he came to know about human nature as well as he began to question his beliefs, teachings and also his imaginary best friend Adolf (a fanciful and foolish version of Führer Hitler).Movie deals with some eminent aspects of human life and nature.

Roman Griffin Davis as ‘Jojo’ bequeathed a heart-touching performance that will be a memorable one in future years to come. This movie encompasses incredible performances by all the ensemble cast. Scarlett Johansson plays the role Rosie (Jojo’s mother) and was nominated for an academy award (In supporting role) for her performance.

The theme of this movie is very gentleand conveyed in a very sophisticated and satirical manner which affects its viewers in most effecting manner. This movie has been nominated earlier in multiple award categories and even bagged many of them.It was highly successful with the perspectives of either a critical or commercial.

And in my earnest opinion, this movie should not be missed at any cost.

Review By: Asad Iqbal

Hello everyone, they say a good movie (on any piece of art) could easily make life less boring. I can help you to give suggestions on some good stories to watch and make this time more memorable. Stay tuned

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