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Dil Bechara is A Bollywood Movie available on Disney Hotstar released today and received applause from  notable bollywood and world stars. Dil Bechara is a Sushant Singh Rajput.

So after trending top in almost every field all over the internet for more than 3 weeks, the final onscreen appearance of a great actor Sushant Singh Rajput. As you all know it is an official remake of 2014 dreamed Hollywood flick “The Fault in Our Stars” which itself an adaptation of novel of same name.

Dil Bechara

Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

Dil Bechara

While watching trailers and songs throughout the whole month I was so curious to know How can they would be able to recreate same magic as original with some Bollywood touch? But every frame in the movie exceeded all my expectations. I was always a Sushantian since “Pavitar Rishta” days plus I am a Rajput so maybe I somehow connected to Sushant through some 11 generations or so.

There were a lot about him but one thing is sure that he was a remarkable actor and human being. Chicchore was among my all-time favorites and I was already impressed with his acting skills but little to my surprise the other ensemble cast blew me away with there impeccable performance. 

Dil Bechara

There were numerous aspects that were just perfect throughout the whole 101 minute of this epic last tale of Siushant Singh Rajput. Casting director turned direct Mukesh Chabra did an incredible job as director and his visions through his creative liberties makes this movie more authentic in the eyes of desi viewers and didn’t serves as a remake.

Officially this movie was going to release in the summer of 2019 but the post production work took this date to fall of 2019 i.e November 2019 with the title as Kizzie aur Manny. But due to some halted work and mysterious circumstances it was never released in 2019. And now finally it hit OTT platforms with improved title and flooded with both commercial and critical acclaim all the world. As of now the movie stands at 9.8/10 rating in IMDb making it most rated movie in the whole wide world.

Dil Bechara

So the story set in Jamshedpur a town in India and the plot focuses on two strangers Kizze and Manny played by Sanjana Sanghi and Sushant Singh respectively. The story spotlighted the not so common bond formed between two strangers with totally different vision of life as well of death.

Kizzie is one of those bored individual who sees flaws in everything even in things with little to none flaws at all while Manny is full of life and wanted to live a life like his heart favorite superstar Rajnikanth. And with his best friend JP, Manny wanted to star in a film which will be a tribute to Thaliva (Rajnikanth) which also fulfills dream of JP of becoming a director.

Initially Kizzie and Manny doesn’t start of well but slowly Kizzie finally falls for the sweet nature and charms of Manny. While Manny who finds Kizzie’s favorite song “Main Tumhara” by her most favorite artist Abhimanyu Veer, a little boring but finally faals in love with the song but frustrates over song ending abruptly. 

Dil Bechara

Another memorable performance is done by Swastika Chaterjee as Kizzie’s mother which effortlessly captures the profound nature of being a mother stricken by cancer. Story connects and empathizes with each of its audience. This one surely make your face laugh and heart weep knowing facts about the sudden demise of lead actor and the point that he is not with us to celebrate all the praises the movie is receiving.

Overwhelming feelings can be easily felt in every scene of the movie, setting of movie and the world where the movie sets in was incredibly beautifully and flawlessly designed and captured through the camera. Dialogues of this movie were so great that easily builds up a connection between characters throughout the running minutes.  

Last 20 minutes were extremely hard watch as Manny departs from this world, lighter master Manny, the glimmer of hope,  the ray of sunshine finally  meets the horizon not only in this movie but also in real life of ours as this would be the last time we saw Sushant ever performing for us. 

The movie is best tribute to John Green novel and the memory of Sushant Singh Rajput which must be witnessed by very human at this time.

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Review By: Asad Iqbal

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