Movie Review : CHAMAN BAHAR (Netflix)

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Chaman Bahar is a movie that deserves a new genre to be defined i.e., Sweet. A Netflix release Chaman Bahar starring some great actors is a treat for the Hindi cinema fans.

Always been a fan of independent films as they possess some wonderful and unique stories to tell with some magnificent touch of the remarkable performance of self-made stars. Jitendra Kumar is one of few exceptional actors that made their own kind of image with some remarkable performance in web-series as well as movies. He first came into new for portraying “JeetuBhaiya” in the 2019 super-hit web series Kota Factory (another gem of his not to be missed). Chaman Bahar is an independent Film with lots of stuff to watch for.

Chaman Bahar

Jitendra Kumar

He also appeared in numerous web-series along with his role in coming of age comedy movie alongside with AyushmanKhurana in ShubhMangalZyadaSaavdhan early this year. This movie is also another worth mentioning performance in his career.

Chaman Bahar

So the story starts with Billu who as his ancestors for generations works as a night guard in the forest department, one night Billu encounters a near-death incident involving a wild bear. Resulting Billu quits his job for which his father had to pull a lot of strings so he can fulfill his dream of his own small to medium enterprise and get a sense of his own business. He took some loans and help of some friends open a Pan shop on the outskirts of his small town where all the traffic stops.

Chaman Bahar Movie Review

But as soon as he opens his business another highway detour attracts all the heavy traffic and business opportunities with it, once again Billu had to fight with his bad debt and bad luck. As they say in literature “A person who can be patient could be anything he wants.”


His patience, hard work, and prayers bring fruitful results with some thriving business and opportunities for Billu. ApurvaDhar directed miraculously this film and addressed some of the most important topics like toxic masculinity, eve-teasing, one-sided love, and small-town competition with everyone in the town. Some scenes in the movies lose their pace and dragged the story to a low level but overall it is a joyful ride to have.

Chaman Bahar

The characters and the manner in which how it all presented on the silver screen is just wow to witness.RinkuNanoria is the highlight of the film. Who is she and how is she connected to the entire plot? For this, you have to watch this film. No spoilers.

Movie Review Chaman Bahar

People want to watch a simple, feel-good, coming of age, nostalgic kind of story involving some Desi Romeo angle should definitely watch this motion picture.

Rating: 7.5.10

Available on Netflix.

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