Movie Review BAAJI

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Movie Review : BAAJI is Pakistani Movie, Directed by Saqib Malik, released in 2019.

Rating: 7.2/10.

Genre: Drama, Romance.

A lot of readers asked to explore/evaluate art & movies of local industry, as they want to know that what Pakistan has to offer in context of an entertainment industry. So, for you guys I visited a Pakistani film released in 2019 that remained in news and gossip for its star cast as well as its unique title.


Saqib Malik as a director gave us quite an amiable story till the last minute along with Irfan Urfi’s writing which shines throughout the film. The movie was a commercial success as it grossed nearly double its budget only at the level of domestic market.

While witnessing this flick, I was very happy as well as astonished that Pakistan’s film industry has a lot to offer its audience.

Movie Review Baaji

The film stars Meera as Shameera a dwindling superstar from the past who still can’t cope with the fact that she is not as famous as she used to be.The story further deepens to Shameera’s personal matters of life and her relationship with her favorite salon girl Neha played by ‘ZindaBhaag’ famed Amna Ilyas. Shameera took Neha under her wings as her manager which handles the nitty gritty of Shameera’s comeback movie after a long span of time. Neha always referred Shameera as Baaji (to show gratitude) thus expounding the title of movie.

Further star cast has also done a great performance and there is very little to none areas left for constructive criticism. Osman Khalid Butt serves as Pakistani born American film director who helps and directs Shameera in her comeback movie. While Mohsin Abbas played romantic beau of Neha’s character in the movie.

This epic movie turns dark with some unexpected twists at the end which should be witnessed by one’s own self rather than relying on someone’s superficial opinion at all.

Review By: Asad Iqbal

Hello everyone, they say a good movie (on any piece of art) could easily make life less boring. I can help you to give suggestions on some good stories to watch and make this time more memorable. Stay tuned



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