IBP Certifications: Summer Session

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Registrations for JAIBP Summer Session are now open…

The Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP) offers various certifications divided into 3 broad stages. Overall, you have to clear 12 courses, including a specialized one in the 3rd stage. You should opt for a specialized subject pertinent to your field. Moreover, different exemptions are also available depending upon your previous qualifications, for e.g. BBA, MBA can claim up to 2 courses exemption.

Not to mention that various banks provide reimbursement in the form of bonuses or fee discounts to their employees. Of course, you have to pass the exam for that!

For The First Time Candidates:

First of all, you make an account, fill, and submit the registration form. Then, fill and submit the form for JAIBP selecting all 4 courses of the first stage. After that take a print out, pay the fee, and courier the mentioned documents to the IBP’s address.

For the official website please visit: https://ibp.org.pk/

Course Outline: https://ibp.org.pk/junior-associateship-of-ibp-jaibp/

Link for registration through the online portal: https://ibp.org.pk/registration-forms-fees/

Last day to register and pay fee challan: 15 July, 2020.

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