Global Corona Virus Cases on record surge: reports WHO

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Global Corona Virus Cases spiked by record high as 212,326 were reported in 24 hours says World Health Organization. The Top 3 countries reported highest cases are India, United States and Brazil. Global Corona Virus Cases tally now stands over at 11 Million.

Global Corona Virus Cases re on record high toll as India United States of America and Brazil reported record high cases.

As the Monsoon season hit India, India records its highest single day spike in Corona Virus confirmed cases. India reported biggest tally of 22,00 single day cases and some 442 deaths. The new epicenter of Virus Cases are Southern and Western India part. Western Indian State of Maharastra which is known of Country’s financial capital Mumbai is densely populated area, reported 192 deaths and 6364 cases of Corona Virus in a single day.

India is among top 5 countries with cases of Corona Virus, whereas United States, Russia and Brazil are at top 3. India is on number 4 and Peru at number 5. The country’s health system is already overburdened whereas peak is still weeks and months away as believed by Epidemiologist.

Furthermore, Iran and Pakistan made it obligatory for citizens to wear masks at public places and shopkeepers were advised to strictly adhere NO MASK NO SERVICE protocol. Pakistan is following its Smart Lockdown policy as some urban centers were sealed by the authorities in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi.

Cases are continuosly rising in Brazil where 1.5 million confirmed cases have been reported so far. The death tool by Corona Virus Infection is at 63000 in Latin American Country. Authorities ordered opening of restaurants at 50% capacity in a bid to restart tourism in Rio Di Jeneiro.

Corona virus cases have been at a rise in Middle East where Saudi Arabia reported over 200,000 cases. Countries in Africa also reported steadily increase in the Corona Virus Cases. Spain, Chile, UK, Mexico and Italy are at positions from 6-10 respectively. Followed by Iran, Pakista, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Germany.

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