Food Review : Khao Isey (Karachi)

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Here is Our Food Review at Khao Isey

One of the best dishes in town!
Mouthwateringly, finger licking delicious, fresh, hygienic, and truly one of a kind khowsuey you will ever taste! YUM <3

Even if you have tried this dish before, ordering it from Khao Isey is soooo worth the taste, plus it is convenient, and easy on pocket. Moreover, their twist on Khowsuey is unique and a foodies dream come true.

Ordering it for family, friends or even a party will definitely win you full points! Really, make an order and just KHAO ISEY!! I know you will never regret!

  • Value of Money    :9/10
  • Price                       : 300 PKR
  • Verdict                   :Great job! 10 out of 10  stars! ??????

Reviewed by : Mahnoor Tariq (The writer is Textile Engineer and a Food Blogger)

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