Dark TV Series Review

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Dark is a TV Series you cant dare to miss.

Genre: Science-fiction, Thriller.

Rating : 9.4/10 (Highly Recommended).

Ever since I got myself engaged with the entertainment industryand this unlimited universe of tales and stories, I often compelled towards distinctive stories set against physical phenomenon of nature. In other worlds that made you question “what if?”

A world with endless possibilities and opportunities, manners free from time and space, stories intrigued in the essence of uniqueness outcomes. Inception, Interstellar, Source Code, Prince of Persia, Doctor Who, Forever are some prime examples of piece of arts that I love. One of these topics is time travel, yes you heard it right. The time the most unique and important creation ever, no one really knows its importance unless it is lost in its own.As kids I always wondered what it would be like to travel to future or to past or to even a time before beginning of time. These questions are yet to be answered by modern science but human imagination is as unique as the time and some theories and possibilities are there enough for amusement of our little curious minds.

Dark TV Series 

Some books, movies and series were made on this complicated matter of time and its subareas and it was adequate enough for the appetite of curiosity of mind but also opens up an array of portals more still to figure out. According to Albert Einstein time is an illusion and most of time he described time as “fourth dimension”. Einstein’s Theory of relativity also deals with time and its complexities. Please don’t confuse me with some science specialist kind of person but this topic always attracts me. But this limitless options comes with limitless consequences.Today we talk about 1 of those piece of art that explores this incredible feature of nature in most convincing manner possible.

Dark is a German language science fiction thriller web television series, released in December 2017 and one of first ever German Netflix original series co-created by Baranbo Odar (famously known for 2014 thriller Who Am I?) and Jantje Friese. Series gain lots of positive words of mouth from critics and audience plus also gets comparison with Stranger Things another Netflix series.

Dark TV Series

But soon everyone knows that this series has nothing to do with Stranger Things but a lot to offer in the name of entertainment and became sensational success with cult following and large fan base all around the globe.

I instantly fall in love with this series with its exceptional premises and story telling.Till now two seasons came out with 18 episodes to offer, the 3rd and last season to be released in few hours but we discuss first two seasons with some wild guess for the season finale. So let’s get to work guys.

The plot starts with Winden, a fictional town of Germany, with nuclear plant on the outskirts of the town. Town has very positive vibe with almost zero crime rate and everyone having close neighborhood kind of feeling with all members of the town. But one fine summer day MichealKahnwald commits suicide with not to be opened before a specific date, the note is kept hidden by his mother without notice of it to his wife or son.

Dark TV Series

Then story skips to the exact date mentions in letter, with story focusing on Jonas Kahnwald (Micheal’s son) still fighting depression with help of Peter Dopplar (Jonas’s Psychologist) post his father death few months back, loss of his love interest with his best friend, Hannah Kahnwald (mother of Jonas) is in a secret affair with Ulrich Nielsen which later revealed to be Hannah’s all time crush plus a disappearance of some random kid in the town.

Each episode culminated with extreme amount of suspense and an urge to immediately watch next episode makes it the most binge watchable series maybe ever in the history of Netflix. Inestimable moments of this series makes it an uncrowned winner in its genre.

The story the further takes a high turn on the date mentioned in suicide note of Michael,Michael’s mother opened the letter exactly at that moment that was quoted on letter and it was exactly the moment when the whole thing turn chaotic.Slowly it began to reveal that it all happened in the same cycle 33 years back. Disappearance of children, birds falling from sky, cave and plant and mysterious person with unidentifiable gadgets all happened in exact manner but with span of 33 years apart.Dark TV Series

This seasonscrutinizes the ramification of child vanishing which revealed to be an amalgam secretive connection between four estranged families commonly called The Kahnwalds, The Nielsons, The Dopplers and The Tiderman.


Relationship of the families could be described as malevolent level of time travel and its dire results spread over multiple generations and time-periods with some remarkable twists and turns.

In my opinion it an incredible season not to be missed at any cost and with last season just around the corner it is my duty to engage as many of you as possible to be a part of legacy and world of never ending possibilities with zero to none effect on outcome.

Season 1 comprising of 10 episodes and  focuses on disappearances of children, introduction of time travel, connection of all families, wormholes and dimensions, nuclear plant and cave plus all these things interconnected with history of this town and its people.

While season 2 with 8 episodes focuses on and sets few months after the disappearances of all those in season one and hardship of families trying to reunite with their lost ones with some detailed complexities of town and time. Also centering on two rival groups of travelers one in favor of the unachievable while the other of course opposing this all fiasco.

This season till now is in my top 5 seasons of all time and I think that one should experience such a nice and intriguing show at least once in a life time.

Dark Season 3 review : coming soon

Review By: Asad Iqbal

Hello everyone, they say a good movie (on any piece of art) could easily make life less boring. I can help you to give suggestions on some good stories to watch and make this time more memorable. Stay tuned


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