DARK Season 3 Review

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Dark Season 3 (Finale) has been released last week on Netflix. So finally the final season the most awaited science fiction series maybe ever had arrived last week but I just binge-watched this finale and as I was expecting it was a mind-bending plus incredible and satisfying ending.

The best thing about this series that creators did not stretch the season into 10-12 series long which simply makes audiences bore and make it dull to watch. Though this season has potential and enough twists to get to 12 seasons but creators seizes the moment and finished the season on a high note.

“Genius is one who knows when to quit.” This saying perfectly matches the creator and vision of this epic season and more than an epic finale.

So the final season starts with a man with a disfigured upper lip with an older version as well as a younger version of himself (this exact moment explains him to be a traveler) destroying the mansion of the Adam. Martha from world no.2 and Jonas from world no.1 travel to world no.2.

Dark Season 3

A world where Mikkel never traveled back in 1986 and Jonas never ever born in the first place depicting that there are multiverses in the universe and multiple possibilities of existence.

But what if Jonas or Marth have other option? Will they chose differently or this all continues in an endless cycle as always. As Adam is considered to be a chief of world no.1, the travelers in world no.2 follow order of Eva (a counterpart of Adam) as Jonas never born in this world so he never became Adam in the first place. Later it was revealed that this alternate universe has alternate consequences as Elizabeth Doppler can talk and Franziska Doppler is the mute one, Ulrich is married to Hannah after splitting with Kathrina while also in an affair with Charlotte while Peter is priest rather than a psychiatrist.

Martha leaves Jonas in world no.2 as he copes with new identities of people there and endless possibilities that could end up with the same or maybe different results. In this world, apocalypse happens in 2019 while Martha of 2019 in world no.2 is in relationship with Killian whose younger brother Erik just went missing.


“A man can do what he wills but he cannot what he wills.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer.

Jonas in world no.2 encounters Martha who doesn’t know him as she at that moment didn’t become the Martha that took him here. The story then shifts to 1888 of the world no.1 where adult Jonas along with Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska were stranded as they travel from world no.1 to avoid the apocalypse in the first place. Martha from earth 2 explains that she is not what everyone thinks and also told them about alternate realities.

Everything later revealed to be in a never-ending mess repeating the same things and events resulting in the same consequences. Eva is an evolved version of Martha and like Adam in her world she is trying to maintain the balance with hopes of finding an outcome suitable for everyone but as Adam tries his best to avoid a destiny she also fails and all this happens again and again in a limitless loop.

Dark Season 3 Review

The whole season is about light and darkness, the two sides of the same battle. Eva and Adam both consider themselves as on the right side, side of truth, and consider themselves as the savior of their worlds but what if the dark is the answer of everything rather than light.

Later it was revealed that as Adam and Eva’s world exists there exists another world known as the original world where in the first place the God particle created. So in the origin world, Tanenhaus made the time machine in the first place to bring back his dead son and granddaughter and splitting the reality into more than one.

Claudia explains this to Adam who wanted to end everything once and for all and didn’t understand the outcome as he still exists after expelling the origin of what he considers to be. As of now, there is a new possibility and challenge for everyone and one possible outcome to make everything right.

Jonas and Eva always thought that their worlds would be a better place without them. Would it be the possibility? Will, they were willing to go these extents? Or this too another angle with the same ending?

For this you have to watch this wonderful finale as in my opinion it should not be missed at any cost.

Rating: 9.5/10.

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Time-Travel.

DARK is a perfect Netflix binge-watch

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