Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

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There is no need to spend your money outside if you can prepare an excellent chocolate milkshake at home. Follow our Simple Recipe:


  1. Milk                                              : 1 Glass or 250ml
  2. Chocolate Syrup or Nutella     : 1/4 Cup or 2 Table Spoons
  3. Vanilla Ice cream                       : 4 Scoops or 4 Table Spoons
  4. Oreo Biscuits                              : For Garnishing


  1. Put Milk, Chocolate Syrup or Nutella in the blender and blend for few seconds.
  2. Add Vanilla Ice Cream and Blend for few more seconds, Pour in to glasses and Garnish with crushed Chocolate or Oreo.
  3. Serve Immediately.

Enjoy your chilled glass of Chocolate Milkshake, DO inform us about your experience in the comment Section. Share it if you like this recipe.

Preperation Time : 2-5 Minutes

Serving                     : 2

Recipe by: Midhat (The Writer is a housewife, mother of a daughter and a self taught Chef)

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