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Movie Review: Planet of the Apes

If you are a fan of space-time genre, I bring you yet another masterpiece, known as The Planet of the Apes. I know what you are thinking, the name does not align with the genre but bear with me for a while. Especially, if you enjoyed watching the recent blockbusters, such as The Interstellar or Martian. this movie is a must on your watch list. The film features a totally opposite Earth-like planet where humans are dumb, unable to talk, primitive while apes/chimps have evolved into an advanced civilization. Basically, there are thousands of year time shift at least 3 times in the whole series. The protagonists of the movie are the two intelligent talking apes, named Cornelius and Zira. The film depicts that apes are not only educated but also working as professionals like doctors or rese...
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Movie Review : Jojo Rabbit

Brought you another masterpiece to watch this weekend "Jojo Rabbit" Rating : 9.1/10. After directing Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Taika Waititihelmed as a unique kind of director.Once again, he gave us another remarkable story and an overwhelming cinematic experience that should be seen by each and every one. Based on ‘Caging Skies’ by Christine Leunens, this outclass flick won an academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay. There are some movies for which you personally wish to never end or at least last a little longer; as you get fixated with story, characters and the world where story was being settled in. There will definitely be an incredible feeling in your stomach after watching it. Plot is about a ten year innocent boy in the titular role of “Jojo Rabbit” who was highly inspir...
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Movie Review : Gulabo Sitabo

For your weekend watch list, we are here with another Movie Review of  "Gulabo Sitabo". The Movie Gulabo Sitabo is available on Amazon Prime Videos. Movie Name : Gulabo Sitabo Rating: 7.5/10. Genre: Comedy, Drama. The aforementioned movie title is derived from a very old and famous puppet show of the same name which ultimately find its roots in 17th century where two women are always at odds with each other. Ayushmann Khurrana (as Baankey Rastogi in movie) is on his perpetual ride of doing good films and his hit streak is eventually getting strong with another compelling story like this one. All I can say that he is a wonderful actor having a very keen approach towards good script. Moreover, Amitabh Bachan delivers yet another unmatchable and cherished performance as Mirza. Mirz...
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Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday

Weekend Watch : Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday Rating : 7.5/10, Available on ZEE5 Genre : Drama, Family, Emotional. Movie starts with Chintu the youngest of Tiwary family living with his grandma, Father , Mother and an elder sister. This film simply depicts human nature and emotions in extremely simple yet effective way that leaves an everlasting impact on audience and viewers. The setting of the movie is set in midst of war-torn Iraq, the Tiwary family is stuck in battle-zoned Baghdad while Chintu is excited for his birthday celebration as last birthday was totally busted because of America-Iraq dispute and some disruption in that specific region.Chintu invites all 25 of his classmates while the situation of the city worsens as the time of celebration comes near and 2 uninvi...
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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Binge Watching?

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Binge Watching? Probably the most trending thing in the Netflix community is the launch of season 4 of 13 reasons why. Many people do not know that this show is based upon a 2007 novel of the same name, written by Jay Asher. However, only the first season is based on the book. Season 4 as you know started with an unknown person’s funeral, only to be known in the last episode. In this review, I’m not going to divulge into that whether there should or should not be season 4 in the very first place. SPOILER ALERT! Perhaps the most intriguing scene is Clay having sex for the first time. He had it with Valerie Diaz, the sheriff’s daughter, at the “Find your Drink” party. It was interesting to see that a shy boy like Jansen has finally it. Or maybe they wan...
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Weekend Watch: Movie Review ” A Brighter Summer Day”

The Movie was released in 1991 and belonged to the coming-of-age genre, Edward Yang (the director of this film) showcases some important aspects of student and human life in this 237 minutes long epic saga. The picture superscribes numerous mankind themed issues such as the essential need for guidance. It’s search in midst of adolescence, the dreadfulness of communal distancing, the deprivation of being a parent (in any era), aimless life, wild teenage be wilderness the hardships of creating a self-identity and frustrations when one finds oneself following the same path that one once disgusts. The director also discusses the major impact of western culture on Taiwan and it’s evolution. As the title of the movie itself deprived of lyrics of the song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” by Elvis P...