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Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday
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Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday

Weekend Watch : Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday Rating : 7.5/10, Available on ZEE5 Genre : Drama, Family, Emotional. Movie starts with Chintu the youngest of Tiwary family living with his grandma, Father , Mother and an elder sister. This film simply depicts human nature and emotions in extremely simple yet effective way that leaves an everlasting impact on audience and viewers. The setting of the movie is set in midst of war-torn Iraq, the Tiwary family is stuck in battle-zoned Baghdad while Chintu is excited for his birthday celebration as last birthday was totally busted because of America-Iraq dispute and some disruption in that specific region.Chintu invites all 25 of his classmates while the situation of the city worsens as the time of celebration comes near and 2 uninvi...
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13 Reasons Why Season 4: Binge Watching?

13 Reasons Why Season 4: Binge Watching? Probably the most trending thing in the Netflix community is the launch of season 4 of 13 reasons why. Many people do not know that this show is based upon a 2007 novel of the same name, written by Jay Asher. However, only the first season is based on the book. Season 4 as you know started with an unknown person’s funeral, only to be known in the last episode. In this review, I’m not going to divulge into that whether there should or should not be season 4 in the very first place. SPOILER ALERT! Perhaps the most intriguing scene is Clay having sex for the first time. He had it with Valerie Diaz, the sheriff’s daughter, at the “Find your Drink” party. It was interesting to see that a shy boy like Jansen has finally it. Or maybe they wan...
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Dalgona Cold Coffee Recipe

What is better  than a DALGONA COLD COFFEE to beat the heat with a good boost of caffeine? Here is our version of DALGONA COLD COFFEE Recipe :) Enjoy Ingredients: Black Coffee (any brand)  : 2 Table Spoons Sugar                                     : 2 Table Spoons Luke Warm Water              : 2 Table Spoons Milk                                       : 400 ml or Two Cups Ice Cubes                              : As per your liking Method: Put coffee, sugar and water in a mixing bowl. Whisk well with whisker/ Hand Beater or an Electric Beater. In case of hand beater it requires a lot of exercise of your bicep and tricep but it will worth it. In case of hand beater it required whisking for 10-12 minutes to reach the fluffiness. Whisk until it become and nice,...
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Website to find donors for Plasma Therapy in Pakistan

With the surge in Covid-19 cases, a significant number of patients are those who recovered after plasma therapy. Plasma Therapy is proven effective in treating critical patients who are on ventilators. More than 105000 cases of coronavirus disease are reported so far in Pakistan. Considering the fragile health system of Pakistan, it is a massive figure as all hospitals are chocked. For the first time, a website is launched to find donors for Plasma Therapy in Pakistan. Yesterday TV Anchor Iqrar Ul Hassan Syed, A Provincial Lawmaker from Sindh and TV Anchor Waseem Badami tweeted about the situation of the Health System in Karachi. Moreover, it is gloomy to know that all the hospitals are filled and there were no beds available for the patients in Karachi. Plasma Therapy is effective ...
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Banking is considered a luxurious profession in developing countries like Pakistan. Moreover, our financial system stands at a better position than India And China in rankings of the institutional environment. But still, Banking is not an easy job of 8:45 AM - 6:00 PM. It demands you to sit for more than 8 hrs in your chair leading you to a sedentary lifestyle. According to research Bank employees report more cases of Metabolic syndrome/Lifestyle diseases than any other profession (teaching, shopkeeping, medicine). A positive association has been reported between the sedentary lifestyle, MetS, abnormal BMI, and waist circumference. Metabolic syndrome(MetS) is a cluster of CVS risk factors including Hypertension, the low plasma concentration of High-density lipoprotein aka-HDL, elevat...
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Weekend Watch: Movie Review ” A Brighter Summer Day”

The Movie was released in 1991 and belonged to the coming-of-age genre, Edward Yang (the director of this film) showcases some important aspects of student and human life in this 237 minutes long epic saga. The picture superscribes numerous mankind themed issues such as the essential need for guidance. It’s search in midst of adolescence, the dreadfulness of communal distancing, the deprivation of being a parent (in any era), aimless life, wild teenage be wilderness the hardships of creating a self-identity and frustrations when one finds oneself following the same path that one once disgusts. The director also discusses the major impact of western culture on Taiwan and it’s evolution. As the title of the movie itself deprived of lyrics of the song “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” by Elvis P...
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Book Review of “Wuthering Heights”.

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same”, I came across this quote on the internet and it left me in great bewilderment and so I started to dig deep to find the sources of the quote and came across a novel so raw yet so ripe, filled with melancholy, profound emotions, and intense love. ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte surely leaves its readers in baffled emotions due to its strong characters and majestic sceneries. Emily Bronte, sister of famous authors Charlotte Bronte and Anne Bronte, was largely educated at home. Her elder and the most well known of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte recognized Emily’s talent for writing poetry and helped her polish her writing skills and publish her very first novel “Wuthering Heights” in 1847. One of the main attractive...
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Personal Chocolate Brownie Recepie

The Chocolate Brownie recipe is easy and simple with minimum use of equipment and ingredient and yes it is great in taste. Perfect for your after-meal cravings.  Enjoy :)   Ingredients: Flour (Maida)                        :    1 Tablespoon Sugar (powdered)                 :    3 Tablespoon Egg (at room temperature) :    1 Whole Cocoa Powder                        :    2 Tablespoons Vegetable Cooking Oil         :     3 Tablespoons Crave Cooking Chocolate    :     Crushed 3 Tablespoons (optional)   Method: 1: Mix Flour, Sugar, and Coco powder in a mixing bowl. 2: Add one whole egg and 3 Tablespoons of Oil. 3: Mix Well till the ingredients combine well and make a smooth paste. 4: Grease a microwave-safe glass dish/plate with oil. 5: ...