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Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 2 & 3 Review – New Emotional Heights

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida is a Hum TV Network drama starring Zahid Ahmad, Sonya Hussayn, and Mansha Pasha. Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 2 & 3 were fast-paced and well-executed. The drama is getting better and better with time.  Here is Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 2 & 3 Review: As we reviewed Muhabbat Tujhe Alvide Ep 1 here, Our Cool Logical and Loving Shahan (Zahid Ahmad) has resigned from his job due to his behavior that he was continuously exhibiting while facing her boss Shafaq (Mansha Pasha). The opening scene of Episode 2 with Ulfat (Sonya Hussayn) was a good sight as both were looking serious over the situation. The chemistry between the couple was on point in that very scene. Both were showing their support and solidarity with each other no matter how difficult the time will come. ...
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Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review

We are reviewing Pakistani TV Dramas on request. Zahid Ahmad, Mansha Pasha and Sonya Hussain Starrer Drama Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review is live. The First Episode of Hum TV Drama Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida was aired on Hum TV on 17th June, 8:00 PM PST. Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep 1 Review is hard to write because as I was watching the drama I was busy in finding Why Sonya Hussain Acted so overly. The Drama starts When Ulfat aka Sonya Hussain who is struggling with his daily routine problems in his house. First few minutes it was all Ulfat daily routine and no other chrachter as such was introduced by the Director. Ulfat is a middle class housewife who is extra ambitious yet annoyingly bubbly. All of her First few sequences were more than just a over melodrama which she showed while perfor...