Apple iOS 14 Launch

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Apple Launched iOS 14 in its World Wide Developers Conference.

Apple launches iOS 14 in WWDC. Today was apple’s online only the worldwide developer conference where they of course typically have a lot to say about software there’s sometimes some hardware surprises there was no hardware this year but they did have some good announcements there’s some cool new features and there was a bigger announcement at the end. Most significant part of this event was launch of Apple iOS 14.

WWDC Event was a top notch event and It was a pre-recorded presentation so it was a little more dynamic with some varied locations around apple campus, some variety of presenters same style but they kept up the pacing and kept down the awkward jokes and they still got to flex their production muscle a little bit with some pretty wild over-the-top but still tasteful transitions thanks to some drone work i don’t know if the apple team watches these recap videos ever or even cares what people think of it but ,it was great so it started, it kicked off with iOS 14.

iOS 14

There’s some new features and some fresh new looks and there was a sort of a theme to it uh don’t worry you’ll pick up on it so first off

1. App gallery

In the iPhone, there’s what’s called the app library basically an app drawer that’s organized by categories recently added etc helps you see everything in one place instead of having to swipe swipe swipe through all of your pages of apps.

App Library iOS 14

2. Jiggle mode

Now since you have that all app view you can actually hide some of those extra pages of apps that you don’t need just sitting over there so you go into what they called jiggle mode I just go into jiggle mode and then tap the dots at the bottom and then just un check the pages that you don’t want to see anymore ,nice.

Jiggle Mode iOS 14


They added widgets to the home screen so they’re taking them out of the today only view on the side and you can put those widgets anywhere on your home screen well actually not quite anywhere on the home screen i still think they’re pinned to the top so you can’t truly put them anywhere on the whole grid like free placement like a certain other os with widgets but nevertheless, widgets are welcome they’re rich they have plenty of information in them plus there’s this new smart stack widget which essentially changes what widget it is throughout the day so it starts off as like your calendar widget in the morning but through the day as things happen or as it knows what you want to do it’ll switch to your news briefing during the day or maybe turns into a summary of your fitness activity in the afternoon like hey get a workout.

Widgets iOS 14


4. Picture-in-picture

picture-in-picture video support much more generally and that’s something that’s been sorely missed for a while in iOS that been in other OS.

iOS 14 Video in Video

5. Siri upgrade

Siri has a UI overhaul it’s not full screen anymore but it’s a much smaller portion along the bottom of the screen now you know kind of like the google assistant with i don’t know it’s kind of like android crawled so iPhone could run but for real Siri should have way more answers in her knowledge graph now so she can hopefully answer way more questions instead of just telling you here i looked that up for you or here’s what i found.

Siri iOS 14

6. New Translate app

new translate app that they’re adding which will hopefully let you have conversations back and forth in different languages you know if only there was some other industry standard translate app i could compare that to.

7. App clips

App clips and they basically let you interact with small parts of apps that you don’t even have installed and it’ll plug into apple pay and sign in with apple and everything else and you can really quickly do stuff that you couldn’t do without that app and they’ve made it easy for developers to build in.

Reminds me a lot of androids instant apps basically the theme of course is we’re going to see a lot more overlap with these two mature OS’s iOS and android it’s just funny that so many of these new features in ios 14 have been around since like the beginning of android but that’s not to say there weren’t some other features that weren’t in android and maybe they should copy these features in the messaging app

App Clips iOS 14

8. Messaging app

Now,  you’d be able to pin conversations to the top and they added inline replies in group chat and mentions in a thread so you can have a group chat that only sends you notifications when someone mentions your name kind of like slack.

In Lien Replies iOS 14

9. Apple Maps

apple maps has now added a couple new 52countries and a dedicated cycling mode for when there’s bike routes and also a new ev routing mode where it knows once you tell it what type of electric car you have and then can route you along the way where you have compatible chargers for your car that’s something google maps should add.

10. Carplay

Carplay gets a nice fresh UI overhaul with wallpapers a good wallpaper just really sets your mood for the day not gonna lie.

Car play iOS 14

11.N.F.C (Near-field communication)

maybe the most impressive demo of them all was using the iPhone as car keys so the first car that’s going to be compatible with this is the 2021 BMWs M5 which they had there and there will be more cars in the future compatible with this but it will literally use NFC to turn your phone into your car keys to unlock the car and then dock it and start up and drive away which on one hand is like oh great okay if i lose my phone now i also lose my car keys but on the other hand if i lose my phone i was already losing my wallet my phone my camera my communicator i might as well add car keys to that list.

NFC Car unlock iOS 14


But, they added so much cool features to the iOS 14 and they took the the whole iOS experience to the new level

Thank you.

Verdict : Its HOT

Written By: Nazeef Ahmad  (The Writer is a freelancer Video Editor, A Student and a tech gadget reviewer. Can be accessed at instagram @nazeefastan)


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