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Welcome aboard to our Page THE BANKERS BLOG

We are pleased to see you on this page.

A few years back, I tried to search for something for bankers online but I failed to search because there is always a relative paucity of attention towards the people who are supporting economies and working hard for it. So I thought that there is a dire need of a bankers blog or bankers page where they can have fun, get information, guidance, and share their experiences with one another.

Initially, I created a Facebook page for the bankers, but I realized that Facebook is not an appropriate medium owing to rising privacy concerns and a relatively high number of fake and misinformed posts due to lack of authentication. I started working on this Website, and here it is.

We aimed to cater to the needs of bankers to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to ensure work-life balance. We also felt that Bankers need advisory on how to invest their hard-earned money to secure their future. Many working bankers need advisory before switching between organizations, on the other hand, there are many young graduates who are aspiring to start their careers in the banking industry. This website is one-stop for all of you.

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Here are brief profiles of Team The Bankers Blog

Syed Umaer Anwer –  @ The Bankers Blog

The Writer is a CSS Qualifier but not allocated in any service group. He is an Agriculture graduate and Banker (of course) interested in international relations, governance, and Public policy studies. Instagram @omayrgillany



Faraz Farooqui – @ The Bankers Blog

Faraz Farooqui bloggerHey folks, I describe myself as a detail-oriented person having a keen desire for knowledge who is a professional banker by day and a blogger by night. I love to write about Tech. Reviews and Current Affairs. I appreciate constructive criticism.



Rabia Talpur – @ The Bankers Blog

Hello all, I’m Rabia Talpur, an Engineer by degree and a banker by profession. I have graduated from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and I believe reading to be one’s life’s blood. Stay tuned for more exciting book reviews! Instagram at @rabiatalpurr



Asad Iqbal- @ The Bankers Blog

Hello everyone, they say a good movie (on any piece of art) could easily make life less boring. I can help you to give suggestions on some good stories to watch and make this time more memorable. Stay tuned



Jauhar Abbas – @ The Bankers Blog

The writer is M.phil in Finance, a former lecturer in Finance, Blogger, and a Banker.

Abiha Ahmad – @ The Bankers Blog

A medical student and a blogger at The Bankers Blog

Nazeef Ahmad – @ The Bankers Blog

A Student, Freelance Video Editor, and a Blogger  Instagram @nazeefastan

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