Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday

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Weekend Watch : Movie Review : Chintu Ka Birthday

Rating : 7.5/10,

Available on ZEE5

Genre : Drama, Family, Emotional.

Movie starts with Chintu the youngest of Tiwary family living with his grandma, Father , Mother and an elder sister. This film simply depicts human nature and emotions in extremely simple yet effective way that leaves an everlasting impact on audience and viewers.

Chintu Ka Birthday

The setting of the movie is set in midst of war-torn Iraq, the Tiwary family is stuck in battle-zoned Baghdad while Chintu is excited for his birthday celebration as last birthday was totally busted because of America-Iraq dispute and some disruption in that specific region.Chintu invites all 25 of his classmates while the situation of the city worsens as the time of celebration comes near and 2 uninvited guests came in full fledged  of American uniform. While their kind-hearted landlaord and their relationship with Iraqi culture makes them suspicious to American troops.

Chintu Ka birthday

Madan Tiwary came to Iraq for some business to do but to bring out the whole family their he has to do some out of box thinking but when war happens this out of box thinking traps them is that certain box. With some legal paperwork issues they can’t get back to their home.

But that is the whole point of movie one should never loose hope and always think positive no matter how worse the situation can be or could get. This movie is filled by some heartfelt performances by Vinay Pathak, TillotamaShome and Seema BhargavPahwa but the unexpected and shockingly surprising performance was by VedantChibber who played the titular role of Chintu.

Chintu ka Birthday

His effortless acting and keeping up with all experienced artist is just a treat to witness. The greatness of little things and blessings of small elements are most of the time remained unnoticed or we just take things for granted. Freedom, health and family are primary examplesof those things that we took for granted what if we found ourselves in middle of war, bans or any other catastrophic event then we came to know that life is life if it is free of boundaries or restrictions. All of these aspect filmed flawlessly in this cute and simple piece of art.



Review By: Asad Iqbal

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