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Why Bankers should start side business now?

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Why Bankers should start a side business or a home based business or a startup business now?

All the bankers should start a side business now. Bankers in Pakistan are no doubt under paid especially the fresh and ambitious young lot who joins the bank aiming to earn well. Most of the young lot eventually ended up doing a third party job on a very less salary of below 20k.

I know many MBA degree holders working in a bank on “Third Party Contract” and earn very less than expected. This dangerous trend somehow degrade Bank Job stature in the society and pushes young blood away from industry.

Keeping in view we have started a home based micro business guide especially for bankers keeping in view their time constraint. In this series we will share micro business ideas in the coming days, Stay Tuned !

Why Bankers should Start a Business RIGHT NOW?

  • Due to Pandemic Many employers will shed their wings leaving many tens of thousands of people jobless. You should be always prepared for the worst.
  • A small side business can enable you to save those extra few thousand rupee, that you require to buy something you like or pursue your passion or hobby.
  • You can live a better life with your savings of course.
  • You can invest those earnings to invest somewhere in mutual funds or in prize bonds or stocks may be.
  • This can be a great help at the time of need, you can utilize earnings and savings in rainy days.
  • Most of the people are unhappy in what they are doing, this is how you can use your abilities as you want and excel.
  • Self Satisfaction is necessary for someone to live a happy life, this is how you can achieve Self Satisfaction.
  • Whats better than being your own boss?

Is it impossible to start a business with a hectic banking job?

NO! with minor adjustments in your routine you can follow your passion and start a dream startup business.

Here are some adjustments one has to go through in order to pursue their dreams:

  1. Reduce non productive time: Avoid wasting hours before bed in watching useless tik-tok videos. Try to brainstorm and refine your business idea in that time to hit that right chord to kick start a business.
  2. You can cut short your sleep time for 60 minutes either by sleeping an hour late or rising an hour early in the morning.
  3. Just BE READY to work hard. HARD WORK is the key to success always remember.
  4. Assess your self and interests before jumping in to business. Just Be yourself and do whatever make you feel good.
  5. A market analysis is must before investing your hard earned money. Analyze the locality and behavior of the people before starting business.
  6. Consult someone who is well aware of the market, don’t lose hope and never give up.
  7. Stay away from negative people, they will demotivate you and your passion dies even before ignition.

This is all for the foundation. Keep visiting this space to get your business idea for a successful side business.

By: Syed Umaer Anwer

The Writer is a CSS Qualifier but not allocated in any service group. He is an Agriculture graduate and Banker (of course) who has a grip on international relations, governance, and Public policy studies. Instagram @omayrgillany


  • Muhammad saad

    Very good article and as a banker i have been through these tough times of low salary and lot of target,tension and after a year very low rise in salary.
    It is need of day to start a business. Please write some detail how much investment is needed to start a small scale business like fast food

    • Saad, First of all We are glad that you like our article. Keep visiting our page for the next articles in INVESTMENT section of this site. We are working on small business ideas articles for you. We will provide you ideas with feasibility in coming days.

    • Dear Waseem, A banker can understand the situation for others. I am glad you like our article. Keep looking the space for more articles on same topic. God Bless You with Luck and Fortune. Aameen

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