Is Coronavirus Lockdown justified?

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To answer this question, let us first examine what is basically a lockdown and what is the purpose behind it.  Lockdowns are not meant to eradicate the virus but rather to buy time for developing a vaccine.

Another very important term is social distancing which practically limits the gathering of persons anywhere between 2 to 100.

Now that we know the definition and purpose behind it, let’s form a broader perspective. The virus first emerged in the 4th quarter of 2019 in Wuhan, China. At that time many people, including myself, thought that strict lockdown might be the right way to not only stop the spread but also to eradicate it completely.

That perspective changed soon when the virus quickly made its way to almost all of the countries across all five continents. Because it is improbable to confined people in their homes. We are humans and we have some basic necessities without which life would cease to exist.

On the other hand, no lockdown would lead to unfathomable deaths. Look at the curve of Sweden.

Hence, the lockdown and social distancing are justifiable.

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